Sedona 2015 - UTAH Meet-up

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The Plan

Updated - July 31, 2015

Alex has led the effort to put together menu of activities for each day of the meet-up.  His thinking is that since we’ll all be congregating at one of the houses each evening that we can have a little skull session and plan out the activities for the next day (we’ve done this during the previous meet-ups and it is a good process; let’s us adjust on the fly for weather, trail conditions, hangovers, etc.).  There should be something for everyone in terms of hikes, ruins, shopping, hikes, water sports and hikes. Alex as grouped the activities for each day to be in the same general area, so folks can try multiple hikes, mix and match as needed, maybe join up for lunch (picnics) and perhaps even have groups merge and change composition throughout the day.  So the list of possibilities is long for each day, but we’ll get the cats all herded-up each evening so that there is a plan for the next morning.


So the general plan for each day will be breakfast with the herd (for those of you who want to join in on the group breakfast option), at which time we’ll make any final adjustments to the plans for that day, head out and have fun for that day, and then in the evening we’ll congregate at one of the houses (Casa RedRox, The Hen House (Max's VRBO) or OhioHick's VRBO).  There will also be a group photo op either first thing in the morning or before dinner (we’ll work those logistics each day as well).  Remember to fill out the Doodle poll for which group meals you plan to attend.


So here’s the overall plan that Alex, et al have developed.  Note that * indicates that high-clearance vehicles are required (so additional planning and potentially limited participation for these tours/hikes).  Also, Alex has a few ideas for the group photos:

  • Red Rock Crossing via Verde Valley School Rd
  • Sedona sign at the Lutheran Church on 179
  • Yavapai Vista (Bell Rock)

Of course we should be talking group photos (and any other good people shots) during each of our activities during the day (we’ll need plenty of fodder for the photobook!).

So here’s the activity menu that Alex has developed of possible activities for each day.  Again, many of the options for each day are in the same general area so it should be possible to participate in more than one hike or tour each day.  And as mentioned, we’ll get more organized each evening at dinner and figure out who is doing what for the following day.

While the meet-up officially starts with the cook-out on Wednesday, there will be plenty of folks in town during the day on Wednesday so there are opportunities for hiking with other members of the Herd.  The current thinking on the forum is the Highline Trail.


  • Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • Bell Rock
  • Courthouse Loop
  • Baby Bell
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Little Horse
  • Yavapai Vista/Slim Shady/Highline
  • RR Ranger Station

Dinner:  Classic cook-out @ Casa RedRox.  The party will get rolling at 4:00 PM.  See y'all there!


  • West Fork and Oak Creek Canyon
  • Slide Rock
  • Grasshopper Point
  • Midgely Bridge
  • Huckaby
  • Cow Pies*
  • Schnebly Hill Rd*
  • Wilson Mtn
  • Group photo

Dinner:  Cook-out featuring ribs and salmon at Casa RedRox.


  • Verde River Rafting
  • Montezuma Castle and Well
  • Fort Verde
  • V-Bar-V
  • Sacred Mountain
  • Red Canyon*
  • Group photo at Red Rock Crossing

Dinner:  We're feeling Italian tonight at the Hen House (Max's VRBO).



  • Loy Canyon*
  • Palatki*
  • Honanki*
  • Devils Bridge
  • Soldiers Pass
  • Brins Mesa
  • Doe Mtn
  • Bear Mtn
  • Boynton Canyon
  • Long Canyon
  • Enchantment
  • Group photo

Dinner:  Mexican flavored cook-out at Casa RedRox.


  • Early morning balloon ride with Northern Light.
  • Tuzigoot
  • Cottonwood/Clarkdale
  • Wineries
  • Verde Canyon RR
  • Jerome
  • Watson Lake
  • Prescott
  • Various hikes

Dinner:  Pizza and leftovers tonight (there are always leftovers!).  Depending on the size of the group remaining, we may eat at OhioHick's VRBO but the fallback is Casa RedRox.

>>Maybe a little Sunday Night NFL action with our pizza and leftovers.

Where we'll be...

Here's a set of maps to help us find all the places that we need to find during our adventures around Sedona.

The Big Picture - OK, I think we all know where we are going, but just for completeness here's where the focal point for this meet-up fits in.
Village of Oak Creek Lodging - here's a detail of the Village of Oak Creek showing the location of Casa RedRox, the rental houses and other lodging options and other points-of-interest.
Area Map - This map shows many of the points-of-interest that Alex has listed above.
Wide Area - A map of a bigger area surrounding VOC and Sedona.
To the Duckies! - Details on getting to the ducky excursion launch site.

Who is coming and when...

Here's a listing of folks who responded on the "rough outline" thread in the forums.  I have tried to capture when everyone will be arriving and departing, along with general timing.  Not everyone provided that information but at least indicated that they will be at the meet-up.  I think the list indicates 33 member of the herd and this is not a complete listing as there are other cats who have not provided feedback on the forum (I think that Alex as more info).  So the list of attendees will be longer than what is shown below.  Yep, this is going to be EPIC!  (list updated 8/15/2015).