Sedona 2015 - UTAH Meet-up

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So, I know I'm early, but wondering about golf.  

Our travel plans to the meet up are getting clearer- something I've been pondering way too long :-)

But it looks like our visit will be short-

I THINK golfing would be something R would like to do- so I'm wondering if it will be a day we'll be there.

And will the golf course need a handicap?

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We haven't gotten down to the specific daily schedules yet. There are a handful of us who have expressed a desire to play. Allen is staying longer and I'm certain that at least one of those extra days will include golf.

If Russell wants to play, then I can arrange for that to be part of his schedule, for sure. At the very least, Frankie will be available to play on any day since she doesnt plan to do any hiking except the shortest and easiest, if at all. Her knee is still in recovery mode.

The golf course doesn't need to know R's handicap index. I will arrange for thos ewho want to play to receive the lowest daily green fee rate at the time of our event. Afternoon rates drop down to as low as $25 and there are 9 hole rates too.

Let me know what days you plan to attend and we will make it work.



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Ok, good to know about the handicap, he hasn't played seriously enough to get one.  We'll see how the rest of the schedule pans out before we decide.  Looks like we'll be arriving noonish Thur and leave noonish Sunday.  With a short visit I can get him to join us, so I figured that would be nice.  And with a short visit there may not be time for golfing :-)

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